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Current integrations



We provide documentation in OpenApi 3.1

Support management

We have a dedicated team of engineering support staff to help you.


With vast array of toolings available around HL7/FHIR, get to production faster.

Standarlised API

Managing private solution for medical data gathering and processing can be a daunting task. Our experienced team is ready to do all the heavy lifting and provide you with set of standarlised APIs to ease data synchronization between your pre-existing solution and our system.

HL7/FHIR Support

Multiple Profile

We support multiple profile, with the option for your integration to make its own profile.

Decision Support

We have built Clinical Decision Support System so that you don’t have to build it.


We provide well documented rest-ful APIs.


You can poll data from our server at your leasure. We will never overload you server with unnecessary push events.

Keep track of changes

We support versioned resource, so that you can always keep track of changes.


We support Audit Logs so that you can always be certain of who and when a data was accessed.

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