Lung auscultation training tool (testing)

Everyone knows that practice makes it perfect, and learning auscultation skills requires some practice as well. We want to make auscultation training easier accessible for you regardless of time and place and needed facilities. But for us to develop the product that meets your needs, we need a little bit of feedback and guidance from you guys, students who study medicine.

We invite you to try out our prototype and give us some tips that will move us closer to the end-product :) 

Briefly about our "program":

1. We tell you how and why it started and what we're working on.

2. Demonstrate the prototype with basic features that already work but don't look cool yet.

3. Present several design options to ask if they look user-friendly.

4. We discuss the features in relation to what your needs and interests are, hear your tips and ideas.

5. Share logins&passwords with you, so that you try the training tool by yourself from home etc.

6. Pizza, soft drinks and talks.

Meeting place & time

MH-bygget, rom U7. 113
kl. 16:15-18:00 

We'll be quick and productive to finish as soon as possible, but you're very welcome to take your time if you find it enjoyable (which we really hope for :) 



Please send your contact details here so we can keep track of logins:)

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anything you want to tell us before we meet?