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Advancing AI in Pulmonary Care With Physicians from University of Lodz

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Successful collaboration leads to AI-powered diagnostics compatible with Riester's ri-sonic stethoscope

Medsensio has recently joined forces with physicians from the Department of Pulmonology at the Medical University of Lodz in Poland. The collaboration aimed to collect lung and heart sound data for the purpose of fine-tuning and validating Medsensio's AI algorithms, ensuring high-performance compatibility with Riester's ri-sonic stethoscope.

Remarkably, the project's results reveal that Medsensio's lung and heart sound algorithms already perform on par with medical doctors, even with minimal optimization for the ri-sonic stethoscope. This significant milestone demonstrates that combining Medsensio's algorithm with the ri-sonic stethoscope can offer analysis performance equivalent to the average physician, serving as a dependable alternative to analogue auscultation. Moreover, the promising findings indicate that further optimizations and refinements could potentially lead to the algorithms surpassing medical professionals, resulting in even more precise and efficient diagnostic tools for cardiopulmonary care.

Assoc. Prof. Joanna Miłkowska-Dymanowska

The project's success can be attributed to the essential contributions of Dr. Krystian Bartczak, Dr. Karol Baczek, and Assoc. Prof. Joanna Miłkowska-Dymanowska from the Department of Pulmonology at the Medical University of Lodz. Their expertise and dedication significantly impacted the project's outcome.

According to Markus Kreutzer Johnsen, Chief Medical Officer at Medsensio, the positive results from user testing with pulmonologists have provided valuable insights into the effectiveness of Medsensio's AI-driven solutions and reinforced our confidence in the platform's ability to revolutionize cardiopulmonary diagnostics. These encouraging findings not only validate the hard work and dedication of our team but also pave the way for the next stage in our mission to transform healthcare.

As Medsensio moves forward, our focus will be on examining the impact we can have on improving clinical workflows and patient outcomes. By streamlining diagnostics and enhancing the accuracy of cardiopulmonary assessments, we are confident that our technology can make a significant difference in healthcare practices.

Healthcare providers and medical researchers are encouraged to join us in shaping the future of medicine and create a lasting positive impact on patients' lives.


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