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Remote health

All your patient monitoring needs in one solution

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Heart failure patient

M, 71

The Medsensio solution would make clinicians stand out and be more attractive for patients such as me.

Heart failure patient

F, 62

You feel more appreciated by your caregiver when you know they are keeping an eye on you between visits.

Physician, at out of hours clinic

This product is really easy to use and would be genius for nursing homes to have so that they could link up with us.

Heart failure patient

M, 78

Would have been nice if my GP used Medsensio so that he could follow my health over time, instead of just doing measurements when seeing me.

User feedback

Medsensio Plans

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The professional plan is intended for healthcare workers who wants to improve the service they can offer their patients. The most common use cases we see among our users in this tier are:

  • Remote patient monitoring
    There are many patient groups that can benefit from remote monitoring. Concerned parents with a sick child can register measurements and be followed up closely. Chronic patients with unstable disease may receive earlier intervention during exacerbations. During medication titration patients can achieve optimal range much faster with closer follow-up.

  • Hospital at home
    Research shows that many patients have improved outcomes when treated at home compared to being hospitalised. We allow clinics to monitor their patients while they are staying home. This is especially useful during periods with high transmission of respiratory viruses.

  • Pre check-in
    Registering vitals, auscultations and medical questions before consultation with a physician.

  • Tele-consultation for nursing homes
    Enable high quality tele-consultation with Medsensio and reduce unnecessary transportation to outpatient clinics. In addition, one doctor can now cover multiple clinics independent of geographical constraints.

  • Mobile Application

  • Web Journal

  • Patient accounts

  • Unlimited patients

  • Unlimited team members

  • Administration panel

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Great for users looking to explore remote patient monitoring. This plan is meant for healthcare workers interested in exploring the features of Medsensio. The plan allows you to test the product on up to 20 patients, making it suitable for teaching and other uses outside of professional healthcare.

  • Mobile application

  • Web dashboard​​​​

  • Vitals

  • Lung auscultation

  • Heart auscultation

  • Questionnaires

  • Medical forms

  • Up to 20 patients


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This plan is intended for organisations with unique and custom requirements. Our team will work closely with your organisation to ensure that your needs are met. This can include a variety of services, from onboarding and training to custom features and integrations. 

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​Everything in Professional +

  • Configurable modules

  • Home monitoring kit included

  • EHR integration

  • Security audit

  • Staff training

  • 24/7 support

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