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Use case

For Researchers

Save time and resources by making your research studies digital with Medsensio

Current integrations

How to get started


  1. Contact us to setup a research organisation

  2. Verify your email and create a password

  3. You are now the admin for your organisation

  4. (optional) 15-min intro to the system over video call


  1. Send us a list of the data you wish to register

    • Measurements

    • Forms

    • Questionnaires

  2. We create the electronic forms and questionnaires for you, and make it available for your organisation

Data input

  1. Invite participants

    • Fill in their email address, they will be invited to create a personal password

  2. Participants download the App, login with email and password, and start registering data


Our system was built according to the security requirements of healthcare institutions. 

  • We provide robust cloud storage of study data

  • ISO 27001 certified

  • Monitor study input via secure cloud access and avoid storing files locally

  • Complete logs for audit events

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Work Smarter

We can provide you with the tools needed to help you collect, manage, and analyse data more efficiently than ever before. 


Data cleanup and processing after a study can be a hassle, we have been there. Avoid unnecessary clutter by using a system that structures and manages data for you in a standardized format that is easy to use.

  • Database using FHIR natively

  • Terminology using LOINC and SNOMED CT

  • Both structured and open questionnaires and forms supported

  • Set threshold values to avoid incorrect data input (e.g. SpO2 at 150%)

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Simple Enrolment 

To add new participants to your study, all you need is their email address. They will receive a verification link where they create a password, after which they can begin registering data using the Medsensio mobile application.

Expand Your Reach

Going digital allows you to reach study participants from anywhere in the world. With Medsensio, subjects can register data from the comfort of their own home by using the mobile application. The app is built with an intuitive design that is easy to understand, and it has successfully been tested by subjects in the age range of 20-80 years. The system can support virtually any type of measurement input.

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Digital Forms

Use electronic case report forms with structured data points to save resources and potential headaches. We will help you convert your forms to a digital format that can be distributed to both researchers and study participants. The data output will be structured in an easy to process format, saving you time and effort on tedious cleanup and processing.

Avoid having to go through every single document and form one-by-one. We can export all datapoints according to your needs, giving you a simple spreadsheet-friendly output that saves you time and resources.

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Administrate and Monitor

We provide you with a web application that allows you to securely monitor data input via cloud based access. This enables better quality control of study data, and you can more easily provide feedback for study subjects or researchers.

Administration of users and subjects is managed with the admin dashboard. From here you can quickly add new users with role-based access.

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