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Auscultation Research

Effortless Recording of Digital Auscultations

Improving auscultation research with technology
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Auscultation Research

Over the past few years, electronic stethoscopes have become more and more mainstream. Cardiac and pulmonary audio recordings are now commonly included for data collection in research studies.

Medsensio offers the most convenient way to record auscultations. The Medsensio application, available on Android and iOS, guides the user through a standardized and configurable recording pattern, enabling continuity and quality of recordings. Our eCRF module ensures that additional parameters can easily be registered under the same examination.

How it Works


Connect a digital stethoscope, such as the ri-sonic from Riester, to your phone and start recording patients with the Medsensio mobile app. The ease of use ensures that your researchers collect high quality data without having to worry about all the technical stuff.

With Medsensio AI we can offer low-cost, automatic classification of auscultation recordings. The SCAPIS study in Sweden is expected to save 4.000 - 6.000 hours of manual annotation by using Medsensio AI for audio classification.


Researchers, medical staff, students and even patients themselves can record auscultations with Medsensio. It's that easy to use.

The mobile application guides the user through a step-by-step examination, which is transferred over the cloud to the researcher's dashboard.


Medsensio can be used from anywhere. Everything is saved in our cloud and accessible for the researchers. Exporting data from Medsensio to your research environment is quick and simple.


Efficiency, structure, quality and reproducibility. Using Medsensio for your data collection will save you time and effort. We also facilitate collaboration between research organizations with compatible datasets.

Medsensio structures all data according to FHIR 4.01, meaning you don't have to perform loads of data-organization after the study has ended.

Medsensio eCRF supports input limits and thresholds to help ensure that the incoming data is sanitized and accidental mis-registrations are avoided.


  • Improved data quality
  • Dataset organized after best practice
  • Automated audio classification
  • Increased efficiency of personnel


Medsensio is trusted by healthcare and academic partners of all sizes and specialties. We work with hospitals, clinics, and research institutions to deliver the best possible care for patients.

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