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Hospital at Home

Offering Hospital Quality Care, at Home

Helping healthcare workers to provide quality care with ease
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Hospital at Home

Studies have shown that eligible patients who are treated at home instead of in-hospital, experience higher satisfaction and improved outcomes. At the same time, Hospital at Home shows significant cost savings for the healthcare provider.

Medsensio enables a simple and efficient way for patients and ambulatory healthcare workers to perform high quality examinations in patient homes.

How it Works


Medsensio mobile application allows for simple registration of vital measurements, auscultations, clinical symptoms and examination findings in a structured format. The information is then presented to the physician or other responsible healthcare personnel via journal integration or on Medsensio's Web Journal.

Medsensio combines traditional monitoring methods such as risk factor detection and clinical scoring, with the latest AI-developments in auscultation analysis. The result is an easy-to-use tool that provides clear insights to patient health with minimal effort.


Patients, next of kin and ambulatory healthcare workers are now able to perform high quality examinations and share them with the healthcare provider.


Medsensio can be used from anywhere. Patients can report in while at home, traveling on holiday or even from the waiting room before an outpatient consultation. Everything is saved in our cloud and accessible for the healthcare provider.


With Hospital at Home, you can care for more patients while using fewer resources. Up to 50% of patients hospitalized due to COPD exacerbation are better off being treated at home.


  • Improved healthcare costs
  • Better patient satisfaction
  • Reduced readmission rates
  • Reduced department stress and workload


Medsensio is trusted by healthcare and academic partners of all sizes and specialties. We work with hospitals, clinics, and research institutions to deliver the best possible care for patients.

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