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Multiple Sclerosis

Personalized Care for Multiple Sclerosis

Improving the quality of care for MS patients
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Multiple Sclerosis

Integrating Medsensio into the management and monitoring of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) could significantly enhance the quality and accessibility of care. 

MS is a chronic condition that can vary widely in its presentation and course, necessitating personalized and adaptable care strategies.

How it Works


Medsensio combines risk factors and clinical scoring to track the fluctuations of MS symptoms effortlessly. Symptoms such as fatigue, mobility issues, sensory changes, and cognitive difficulties are easily tracked, and the automatic scoring enables quick assessment of the severity of symptoms and identification of any worsening of the condition.


Healthcare workers, pharmacists and even next of kin are now able to perform high quality examinations and share them with the healthcare provider.

Using Medsensio to monitor MS is simple. The mobile application guides the user through a step-by-step process, and the results are transferred over the cloud to the doctor's dashboard.


Medsensio can be used from anywhere. Patients can report back their symptoms while traveling on holiday, home care nurses can submit examinations on-the-go and pharmacies can offer check ups from blood pressure controls to full physical examinations. Everything is saved in our cloud and accessible for the healthcare provider.


This approach not only improves patient engagement and satisfaction by offering them control and convenience but also enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the care you provide.


  • Early detection of exacerbations
  • Better monitoring of treatment
  • Reduced hospitalization rates
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Improved collaboration


Medsensio is trusted by healthcare and academic partners of all sizes and specialties. We work with hospitals, clinics, and research institutions to deliver the best possible care for patients.

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