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Valvular Heart Disease

Detect And Monitor VHD

Using AI to provide better and more affordable care for VHD patients
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Valvular Heart Disease

VHD such as aortic stenosis can easily be overlooked. Deciding on what type of murmurs should be referred to a cardiologist is not always simple, and unneccessary referrals are a burden to the healthcare system.

With Medsensio AI, not only can you automatically detect pathological murmurs, but the software also identifies the severity of a potential aortic stenosis. This enables both detection and monitoring of the disease in a primary care setting.

How it Works


Medsensio uses the latest AI-developments in auscultation analysis to detect pathological signals in heart sound recordings. The process is simple: You connect a digital stethoscope, such as the ri-sonic from Riester, directly to your phone. Then you open the Medsensio App, select your patient and follow the on-screen recording instructions. A few seconds after recording the heart sounds, you will be presented with the analysis results. The results are saved in the cloud, so that you can share them with a physician or cardiologist if needed.

The procedure takes 2-3 minutes from start to finish.


Healthcare workers, physicians, pharmacists and even next of kin are now able to record high quality lung and heart sounds which can be accessed remotely.


Medsensio can be used to detect and monitor VHD from anywhere. Patients living in rural areas can now follow up on their VHD without having to travel.

Patients can report in while away on holiday, home care nurses can submit examinations on-the-go and pharmacies can offer check ups from blood pressure controls to cardiopulmonary examinations. Everything is saved in our cloud and accessible for the healthcare provider.


Enabling detection and monitoring of VHD in the primary care sector will reduce the burden on both patient and healthcare system. Patients can avoid unnecessary travel, while at the same time receive closer and better follow up by healthcare providers near them. Specialist sector can focus on the patients with more severe diseases, and reduce the time spent on screening and following up on patients that are better managed in primary care.


  • Simple, low-cost screening
  • Early detection improves patient outcome
  • Reduce specialist care workload
  • Increased patient satisfaction


Medsensio is trusted by healthcare and academic partners of all sizes and specialties. We work with hospitals, clinics, and research institutions to deliver the best possible care for patients.

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