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Funding Granted for Ethical AI

The ENACT consortium has been granted support by the Norwegian Research Council to proceed with a project aimed at developing a process for assessing the compliance of ethical standards in companies working with AI. Together with partners such as NAV, DNB, the Postal Service and Hypetia Learning, Medsensio will test the methodology developed by the ENACT consortium. This diverse group of organizations represent education, health and welfare, finance, and transportation industries.

The utilization of technology that incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing at an increasing rate. Østfold University College, in collaboration with several partners, will develop a process tool over the next three years to guarantee that digital solutions provided to children, adults, and elderly individuals are in compliance with ethical standards. The research endeavor, ENACT (Ethical Risks Assessment of Artificial Intelligence in Practice), which is supported by the Norwegian Research Council (NFR) with NOK 12 million in funding, is rooted in the NORDE project.

Markus Kreutzer Johnsen, Chief Medical Officer at Medsensio:

Our participation in the ENACT project positions the company as a leader in development of ethical artificial intelligence for the medical industry. By being a part of this project, Medsensio has the opportunity to learn and contribute to the development of best practices and standards in ethical AI. The project will provide a platform for us to showcase our commitment to responsible innovation and demonstrate our expertise in ethical considerations within the medical technology industry. Furthermore, the insights gained from the project will enable Medsensio to continuously improve our own ethical work, ensuring that products and services align with the highest ethical standards. Ultimately, our participation in the ENACT project will enhance the company's reputation as a responsible and ethical player in the medical technology industry.
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