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Remote health

All your patient monitoring needs in one solution

Exploit AI for your benefit

How it Works

Medsensio platform makes remote monitoring and follow-up over time much easier. Contact us to learn more about how you can start offering remote patient monitoring at your business.

Create a care plan with your patient

Record health data over time

Follow-up on care plan

Consultation if needed

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Our Platform

Mobile application
Admin panel

Mobile application 

Easy to use interface for data collection

Patient list

View all your patients, see details about them on the go

Simple workflow for data registration

Register measurements, scoring and questionnaires. Designed for both healthcare professionals and patients

View history

See previous encounters and compare with current status

Save in cloud

Store data in the cloud. Integrate with journal system for an easy to use data registration platform


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Application Areas

Patient consultations

Monitoring at home

Nursing homes

Home care




For patients

Take charge of your healthcare

For healthcare professionals

Collaborate with your patients

For healthcare institutions

Work smarter and more efficient